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I'm a reporter with areas of expertise in the corporate bond market and commercial real estate.

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Bond Returns Post Global Records as Warnings Go Unheeded

Bonds from the Americas to Asia and Europe are generating their best returns through the first four months of a year on record, as slower-than-forecast growth and declining inflation vindicate the bulls....

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Apple Sells $12 Billion of Bonds to Keep Cash Overseas

Apple Inc. issued $12 billion of dollar-denominated bonds as the iPhone maker seeking to reward shareholders locked in a cheaper alternative than overseas cash that’s subject to repatriation taxes....

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No-Interest Junk Bonds Make Comeback With Twist: Credit Markets ...

No-Interest Junk Bonds Make Comeback With Twist: Cr...

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Junk Sales Sprint Toward Record in Rate Refuge: Credit Markets ...

Junk Sales Sprint Toward Record in Rate Refuge: Cre...

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M&A Keeps Bond Binge Alive With Record in Sight: Credit Markets

Companies borrowing to complete deals and prop up their stock prices are helping to keep U.S. investment-grade debt sales at about a record pace, defying predictions of a slowdown....

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Bond-to-Stock Shift Provokes Performance Anxiety: Credit Markets

Investment-grade bonds in the U.S. are underperforming equities by the most in 15 months as speculation rises that the time is ripe to rotate out of debt and into stocks....

Would You Like Financing With That?

Wall Street banks, stung by worsening market conditions, are not only unloading their commercial real estate holdings, they'll help buyers purchase them as well.

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Bernanke Anxieties Embodied as Bond Sales Tumble: Credit Markets

Sales of corporate bonds from the U.S. to Europe and Asia slumped to their lowest levels this year and borrowing costs soared to the most since February as a global slowdown curbed demand for all but the safest assets....


Debate Stirs Over CMBS Fair Value Option

Last year's chatter over the fair value option in CMBS is this year's heated debate.

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The Financial Times

Farkas’ Island Capital attempts fund raise to purchase distressed real estate loans from itself -

Farkas’ Island Capital attempts fund raise to purch...

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Verizon Said to Plan Record Bond Sale of Up to $49 Billion ...

Verizon Said to Plan Record Bond Sale of Up to $49 ...

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Verizon Pays $5.1 Billion in Extra Interest: Corporate Finance ...

Verizon Pays $5.1 Billion in Extra Interest: Corpor...


Apple Paying $23.9 Million in Fees for Bond Sale Led by Goldman

Apple Inc. paid $23.9 million in fees to underwriters led by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Deutsche Bank AG for the iPhone maker’s $12 billion bond offering this week, a year after the banks led its record- setting offering....


Shaky CMBS Market Rattled by S&P Ratings Snafu

The ratings blunder unveiled yesterday by Standard & Poor's - which sidelined the already controversial GSMS 2011-GC4 deal - may have struck a larger, more significant blow to the budding confidence in CMBS 2.0.

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Fed’s $5.7 Trillion Gift Imperiled on Yield Rise: Credit Markets

The most relentless surge in borrowing costs for U.S. corporate debt in four years is threatening to derail this year’s record pace of sales as concern deepens the Federal Reserve will curtail unprecedented stimulus....